AntMiner APW5 1300W-2600W - USD217.00

Date Posted: 30-10-2017 01:28 AM    Location: Denpasar, Johor    Posted by: Eddy William    Views: 329 times
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APW5 Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The PSU Specially Designed for Bitcoin Mining from Home
Optional Custom-built PSU for Further Noise Reduction

APW5 Power Supply Unit (PSU)

We understand that a major component of noise for any bitcoin miner is the Power Supply Unit that powers it. This is why we have simultaneously designed our most advanced and silent PSU to date.

The APW5 is Bitmain’s most advanced PSU to date and is compatible with both the 220V power supply and the 110Vpower supply that is the standard in North America. It combines high efficiency and good dynamic performance into a power dense package. It also features overload, overheat, overcurrent and low voltage protection, making it well suited to 12V, = 2600W* power devices.