Best Vinyl Flooring For your Home!! - RM2.30

Date Posted: 31-12-2018 08:38 PM    Location: no.30-g, jalan desa putera, 43/ks 08, pusat pernia, Klang, Selangor    Posted by: farhana    Views: 234 times
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Best Vinyl Flooring For your Home!!
People have many queries on this floor!!
People always ask in the comment?
is this Waterproof?
Is this scratchproof?
Can use in wet areas like Kitchens & Bathrooms?
What's the difference between hardwood floor & vinyl floor?
is this expensive than hardwood floor?
can install by yourself (DIY)?
Don't worry!! We have the answers to all your questions & We will be happy to feel you satisfied with this floor.
Just contact our Product pro at 01110880150
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