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Biocell Regenesis Cell Therapy
Embryonic Stemcell placenta extract with Biostem Live Cell wrinkle of age, stress. Smoother, younger looking skin and pores look smaller.
Repair and create new cells to the level of DNA and RNA.
Details BioCell Regenesis (Swiss) products from Switzerland. Technological advances in the Stemcell see results as soon as placenta extract innocent children and already qualified from around the world that really works and has been recognized and is Stemcell a single injection into a blood vessel and muscle since then. Stemcell technology can be injected into the muscles only. Which will see slow results However, this results in stimulating the body to build up to 60% Growth hormone Growth hormone is that it makes us not to ever younger looking skin, reduce wrinkles of age, stress. Smooth skin and pores look smaller, which is the only repair and create new cells to the level of DNA and RNA.
Injection: 1-2 amp or two times per day / week. By injection into the muscle or blood vessels. Stemcell other popular because intravenous intramuscular injection only. After injection, the skin will feel younger and younger. I will regenerate soft. Smooth surface And imparts better sleep.
For the first course of treatment is continued for at least 50 amp Packing: 5 ml x 50 Amps.

The result will be
In the two - physically better. The tiredness disappeared. More radiant skin
In the third month - sleep better. The lively back Haggard skin
Is soft and more
In the fourth, - sleep better and wake up not tired. digestive system
Better skin will feel softer and more details throughout the body.
In five months - a regular sleep better strength, better sexual performance.
Black marks on the face, such as blemishes fade away wrinkles, crow's feet will fade.
In the sixth month - the better the skin will be better to remember more details. Soft and flexible
In the seventh month - the immune system is good. Tumors or abnormal lumps are dissolved.
In the eighth month - the body is in a healthy condition in all areas.

Injected 1-2 times per tube (vessel) can inject 2 times / week