Bowen Orthodontics Of St. Robert

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571 VFW Memorial Dr A
St Robert, MO 65584

Phone: 573-336-2300

Orthodontist, Orthodontics

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5-Star-Rated Provider of Invisalign in Rolla, MO & St. Robert, MO

Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly With Invisalign From Bowen Orthodontics

Invisalign is a revolutionary leap in orthodontic technology that lets you straighten your teeth without your friends and family noticing! Dr. Bowen is an experienced provider of Invisalign in Rolla, MO, and St. Robert, MO, having helped numerous patients improve the health and appearance of their smiles with this extraordinary alternative to braces.
The Benefits of Invisalign

True discretion. Invisalign provides the ultimate discretion for straightening teeth – even more than clear braces, which still require a visible metal wire. With Invisalign, no one needs to know you are undergoing treatment unless you choose to tell them.
Improved comfort. Invisalign doesn’t use brackets, which means the inside of your mouth won’t get sore or raw from chafing braces. Invisalign’s smooth plastic aligners provide a comfortable experience throughout your treatment.

Business Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday 8am-3pm