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GainDeals is a sales promotion App to promote your business locally. The app helps you save time and effort to find discounts near your location.

Know best offers and deals near you with GainDeals. With GainDeals a store owner can create a coupon or deal and attract more customers to their store. And a customer can get notified about the best deals and offers near their location. Leverage the power of GainDeals Mobile App.

Benefits of GainDeals for Shop Owners:

* GainDeals help you in promoting your business locally by reaching out to many more customers through GainDeals Mobile App.
* Create Flash coupons to tell people around your store about the flash deal on your merchandise.
* If you are a movie hall owner and no tickets got sold then you can create a Flash coupon with GainDeals to inform your customers about the biggest discount you are offering on movie tickets for a particular period of time.
* Restaurants can bring customers in the last minute by creating flash coupons and make them available to you.
* Even road-side fast food vendor can create flash coupons and publish to get more customers.

Benefits of GainDeals for Customers:

* GainDeals helps customers in notifying Local offers/deals, food places, coffee shops, Movie theatres near to your current locations.
* GainDeals provides you details of the deal such as its rating, reviews, and history of the store owner and his reputation.
* If you visited a new place and struggling to know best deals in that area GainDeals help you know the best deals in that area.
* GainDeails provides the location of the store by using maps to reduce your effort of searching for the store of your desired deal.

GainDeals is available for Android, IOS, and web users.
Download GainDeals from Google Play and App Store.

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