Dallas Podiatry Works

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7777 Forest Lane Suite A-212
Dallas, TX 75230

Phone: 972-566-7474

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If you are seeking foot and ankle care for yourself, your child, or another loved one, you have come to the right place with Dallas Podiatry Works. Our Dallas podiatrist offers advanced technology and treatment options for the most comfortable and effective foot care and podiatry experience available today.

Our foot and ankle treatment options range from conservative and noninvasive techniques to surgical foot and ankle care backed by our significant expertise and experience. Our advanced foot care includes children's foot care, foot and ankle sports injuries, stem cell therapy, bunion treatment, toenail restoration, toenail fungus treatment, hammertoe treatment, claw toe treatment, neuroma treatment, heel pain relief, limb salvage, wound care, corn removals, callus removals, wart removals and more. Whatever your podiatry needs are, our team at Dallas Podiatry Works will work to help you eliminate your foot and ankle pain and restore your mobility.

Hours of Operation:
Monday 7am-4pm, Tuesday 8am-4pm, Wednesday 8am-7pm, Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday 7am-3pm