Fire Retardant Double Sided Reflective Aluminium Paper Foil, 8x8 Fiber Glass Scrim Reinforced

Date Posted: 14-12-2017 11:00 AM    Location: 9&11, KILANG BERKEMBAR, LORONG IKS BUKIT MINYAK 1D, 14000 SEBERANG PERAI TENGAH, PENANG, SEBERANG PERAI TENGAH, Pulau Pinang    Posted by: Elaisha Wong    Views: 176 times
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- The product has been made up from aluminium foil (99% pure aluminium) with high reflective and low emmisivity surface them most effective vapor.

- Special adhesive & polyester layer with special fiberglass scrim (12x12m) that increase the product strength.

- Recommended Application:
* Clay tile roofing
* HVAC Ducting