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10 Roselle Rd
Roselle, IL 60172

Phone: 630-529-6634

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5-Star Rated Chicago Podiatrists For Digital Radiography (X-Rays) To Accurately Diagnosis Foot Or Ankle Injuries

With the advancements of modern-day medicine, traditional X-ray imaging is a thing of the past. Whereas conventional X-ray imaging used photographic film to produce images, Digital radiography uses sensors to scan the subject and produce an image immediately. Many medical professionals prefer this method over the traditional method because it offers many advantages. Not only does digital radiography provide instant results, it also allows the images to be digitally saved, transferred, and enhanced. Another big plus is that less radiation is used to produce a digital image than a conventional X-ray image.

Digital radiography bypasses traditional X-ray imaging through use of a digital image capture device. This allows the medical professionals to preview an image and immediately save, transfer, or enhance the image as needed. Another bonus is the elimination of expensive film and costly processing techniques. Digital radiography also offers a wider dynamic range, which produces higher quality images and reduces the chance of under or over-exposure.

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