PHHP Phyto Flex - RM132.00

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Degeneration of bone and joints possess a risk of rapid decline in general health status. PHHP PhytoFlex contains various natural components that help to relieve bone and joint problems. For example, the natural egg membrane extract isolated from thin film of inner egg shell, contains a variety of nutrients to maintain healthy joints. Other active ingredients include seaweed calcium, curcumin and hydrolyzed egg yolk extract also help maintaining a sturdy bone and flexible joints.

10gm x 14 sachets
Main Ingredients
Egg Membrane Extract
Seaweed Calcium
Hydrolyzed Egg Yolk Extract
Unique Selling Point
No preservatives
Cholesterol free
Natural ingredients
Easily absorbed by body
Nutrition to improve your Joint Flexibility

Egg Membrane Extract provides essential nutrients for joints restoration, thereby helps improving flexibility and mobility of joints
Seaweed Calcium can helps replenishing bone calcium and maintain bone health
Curcumin can helps reducing inflammation, relieving joint pain or stiffness
Hydrolyzed Egg Yolk Extract helps increasing bone density and promote healthy growth of bone