Positive Displacement Flowmeter Roots flowmeter ALIA APF860

Date Posted: 22-06-2018 10:56 AM    Location: KL, Kelantan    Posted by: aliagroup    Views: 186 times
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Made in Taiwan
APF860 series is designed in Roots technology with digit display for Totalizer & flowrate and providing scale pulse and analog output 4-20mA.
APF860 series Roots flowmeters are both high accuracy and easily adaptable to most industrial applications.

25 - 150 mm (1'' - 6'') lines sizes
Handles viscosities up to 50000 CP
Wide range of application
Various process connection types available
5 digit Totalizer (Resetable) / 8 digit Totalizer (LCD)
4-20 mA and pulse output
High accuracy of +/-0.5% of reading (or+/-0.2% of reading)
Display with auto sleep function that gets up to 6 yesrs of Battry life