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Takrut chang pasom klong + Nam Man Chang pasom klong
Made using a combination of some of the most sacred Infused With Many Old Charming Herbs & Attraction Oil From Many Masters and potent ingredients that are widely known

With the aid of this special "Takrut chang pasom klong", you'll not only be able to improve and grow your relationships with others, but you'll also be able to attract a soulmate and find true love. The special talisman uses magnetic powers to develop an attractive aura around you, making others who come into contact with you feel more comfortable with you and eager to enter into a good relationship with you.

- To increase charm and charisma. helps attract the opposite gender with its strong magnetism and ability to enchant the heart of someone who the user is trying to attract. Possess such immense charm that could trigger the feeling of "falling in love" to anyone the user come across.

- To gain loving kindness, sympathy and compassion from others easily. The user will possess a strong charm that could easily melt the heart of others, making it very easy for the user to ask for favors or to avoid any form of conflict with others.

You can gain respect and obedience as you will be perceived as a powerful person, holding a commanding presence, similar to that of Elephant

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