Zebco Omega Spincast Reel - USD45.40

Date Posted: 20-03-2018 10:10 PM    Location: Indonesia, Denpasar, Johor    Posted by: Audi Marissa    Views: 174 times
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Product Description
Zebco Omega Spincast Reel

3X three-pin positive line pick-up system
Quick-change spool
Six stainless steel bearings

Experience the next level of performance in spincast technology with the Zebco Omega. This is the first spincast reel to feature six ball bearings. Engineered from quality stainless steel for corrosion resistance, the bearings provide smoothness and a balanced base for the gears, axles and pinions. The materials selected in the Omega’s construction ensures reliability and performance that are unmatched. Positive line pick-up system incorporates multiple line pick-up points into the spinnerhead, allowing the reel to instantly capture the line for a faster retrieve than a normal spincast reel. The Omega’s spool oscillation evenly wraps the line on the spool during the retrieve. The all-brass helical-cut worm gear drive provides a perfect balance between power and speed. Diecast aluminum body and reel foot provide a solid base that eliminates flex and twist under high-torque conditions. This firm foundation also ensures the gear train system is always in proper alignment. Aircraft aluminum covers contribute a high-quality look and feel. Triple cam multidisc drag uses multilayered drag washers crafted from durable materials. The super-sensitive tension control system allows fine adjustment of the drag. Sealed soft-touch rubber thumb button provides outstanding grip and comfort, while preventing dirt from entering the gear system. Cutproof, hardened ceramic pick-up pins and "fast-flow" front cover guide eliminate the line’s ability to cut into the reel at key friction points. Continuous anti-reverse for solid hook sets. The oversized high-torque handle is reversible so you can customize the reel for right-hand or left-hand retrieval. The Omega 3 holds 80 yards of 10-lb. test. While the smaller Omega 2 holds 80 yards of 6-lb. test. Both models include quick-change spare spool.