99 Names of Allah: Memorize the 99 Names of Allah and Their Meanings

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99 Names of Allah: Memorize the 99 Names of Allah and Their Meanings
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Fear and Hope are of the most powerful emotions that drive decision making. Most of us grow without knowing how to regulate these crucial emotions. Knowing Allah through His attributes helps to know Allah's power and mercy. Knowing and believing in Allah through his attributes reminds that there is no reason for despair even in times of trials and turbulence. This is so crucial in a world where our kids are presented with new challenges every day. It is essential that kids grow knowing how to ground themselves enough to regulate their emotions and navigate through life with Allah's mercy in mind. Most kids learn the 99 Names of Allah through a nasheed (chants), This alone does not help them to get to know the attributes enough to impact on one's own fear and hope. To live by the Names of Allah means to have one's decision making guided by knowing and believing in Allah's attributes, and this requires a lot more than chants. The activities in this book will help kids learn the names and their meanings quickly, and in a fun and engaging way in 12 weeks! This is only a step towards learning the deeper meanings of the attributes in the Names of Allah.