Agent shipping from China to Malaysia by air and sea door to door and agent pay for supplier , taobao,1688 seller

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To Malaysia Friends
Are you going to shop from taobao website and trouble with shipping back Malaysia?
We can offer you our warehouse address to help receive goods.,consolidate all parcels,then ship together.
We offer the payment service in China, after customer pay to our Malaysia bank account, We can help you pay to Supplier, taobao, 1688 website and so on.just pay extra 15MYR for bank transfer commission. Exchange rate Depend on our website. (for example, if customer want to total 5000RMB, today exchange rate is:
1MYR=1.63RMB,then pay to us: 5000RMB/1.63+15MYR=3082.48MYR)
We also offer shopping service from taobao or 1688 website.just charge at min 35RMB or 3% payment service
1. if you have taobao account and Alipay accout,you just get customer code from us, and put our address to your taobao delivery address.
收货地址(receive parcels address )
ATTN:customer code+邹锦源
for example:MY001+邹锦源
Mob: 13682223071
Tel: 020-26271079
Post code: 510440

5.When you finish shopping, you just send back the courier no list, will send one document for your list ,and let me know the total packages,when I got the all the parcels,or any questions, will feed back you.
If you need follow the parcels whether sign by us or not, please register in our website,upload the courier no and other details. Once we receive the parcels,will sign in our website.(if you register,please send the user name to us for activate account)

6.after receive all the parcels,finish packing, and let you know the actual weight and volume weight.and total freight charge.
4.For the payment:
1). pay by Alipay account ,wechat,or by China bank transfer
2) pay to our Maybank account, charge MRY15 as bank commission from Malaysia to China,And exchange rate: 1MYR=1.62RMB(the exchange rate depend on our website)
5. Arrange the shipping

The following is air and sea price to West Malaysia

by air ( door to door) about 4 days delivery

first 0.5kg: 45RMB, second 0.5kg: 12RMB
above 11kg: 22RMB/kg above 21kg:21RMB/KG
above 46kg: 20RMB/KG above 71kg:19RMB/KG
above: 100kg: 18RMB/KG above 300kg, 16RMB/KG

1)if send the copy goods,Liquird,food,goods with battery,magnestism,Powder and so on, will be consider as sensitive goods, for sensitive goods, under 11KG, add extra fee: 40RMB, more then 11KG,charge:4RMB/KG
2)To West Malaysia: extra heavy and extra long will be charged extra fee: the weight of a single carton in the range of 40-120kg, extra fee: RMB80 / PCS; 121-160kg range of additional: RMB160/PCS; 161kg or more plus RMB 2 / kg; length super 150cm additional: rmb80 / PCS. If it is overweight and long, you need to add two fees at the same time. If a single carton exceeds 68KG or the size exceeds 150cm, it needs to be shipped in sensitive goods. For example, one carton to West Malaysia: 70KG, one side length: 160CM*20CM*20CBM, the cost is: 70kg*(20+4RMB/KG)+80RMB+80RMB=1840RMB
3)Volume calculate method is: L*W*H/6000 , need compare with the actual weight.

2. By Sea to West Malaysia
(about 18 days delivery )
Loading date: each day
Price: 750RMB/CBM charge min 1CBM

The following price to EAST Malaysia by air and by sea

By air to East Malaysia
The air price is separated by different states. Sabah Post Code: 88000-91309; Sarawak Zip Code: 93000 -98300

Sabah: about 5days delivery
First :0.5KG: 50RMB; Second 0.5KG: 15RMB
11KG---25KG: 30RMB/KG

Sarawak about 7days delivery
First 0.5KG: 50RMB; second 0.5KG: 15RMB
11KG---25KG: 33RMB/KG

one carton only for one shippment, if the weight or the one of size is over 150CM, charge extra fee: 200RMB/CTN
3).Remote area Fee, LABUAN(Post code:87000-87033) / LIMBAN/Lawas (邮编:98700-98859)charge extra delivery fee: 30RMB/KG
4)if send the copy goods,Liquird,food,goods with battery,magnestism,Powder and so on, will be consider as sensitive goods, for sensitive goods, under 11KG, add extra fee: 40RMB, more then 11KG,charge:4RMB/KG

The following is price to East Malaysia, different price depend on the different city, about 25 to 30days delivery ,including tax




1.the price is from my warehouse to malaysia sea ,not including the pick up charge.if need pick up charge service, please offer the pick address,quote you the pick up fee.
3. We will delivery to the downstairs, if need help you delivery to upstairs,please talk to the driver.
4.we will offer all the export and import permit document for you, you just offer the goods details.

If any questions, please directly contact us for more information, we will offer our best service for you .

MOB: 0086-19120089003
www jf-express com
Email:[email protected]
Wechat: jfexpress001
WhatsApp: +8619120089003

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