Are You Looking For Alcohol Assessment?

Date Posted: 07-11-2022 02:02 PM    Location: Houston, TX,77058, USA, Houston, Johor    Posted by: Affordable Evaluations    Views: 115 times
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"Affordable Evaluation" is recognized as the premier provider of the program return to duty based on the alcohol and drug evaluations derived from related counselling services. They are built on a foundation of understanding and compassion that boost integrity, purpose and drive. We are especially providing support for each of the clients while accomplishing goals. The specialized plans remove the violation based on a return to duty where meeting probations, attorney, and driver's license reinstatement are applicable.

Our Services:

Our services are based on the treatment and education process, which are-

• Return to Duty


• Alcohol & Drug Evaluations


• Probation & Employer

We specially offer a practical, confidential, affordable and unbiased evaluation that exceeds or meets the industrial regulatory agencies' requirements such as NASAP, DOT, ASAP, employers and DISA. In addition, we are licensed and certified in conducting alcohol or drug evaluation that the court or other regulated entities may accept.To get more information, visit