Carpet cleaning - RM0.50

Date Posted: 10-02-2021 09:42 PM    Location: Puchong, Puchong, Selangor    Posted by: Harry    Views: 126 times
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Our friendly, on-time and professional technicians will have your carpets looking new again, without the hassle! Restore your carpet colour, tackle stains and germs with our steam carpet cleaning.

Our cleaning method using hot water extraction or also known as steam extraction cleaning method cleans uses hot water to spray jet water deep into carpet fiber to loosen and remove tough stains, grimes, soil, pollutants, oil, and kills germs and bacteria. This method of cleaning uses less water, extracts 99% water and fast drying process.

How Our 4 Step Process Works:

Step 1: Preconditioning – Applying safe/non-toxic cleaning agent/solution to break dirt/stains.
Step 2: Spot stain removal
Step 3: Scrubbing machine – Agitation process to lift and restore the carpet pile and detach soil deep in carpet
Step 4: Steam extraction cleaning – Spray heated water and extract water & cleaning agent
Final Inspection by Supervisor and touch up if needed.

Our method uses less water and fast to dry, and we use high quality cleaning agents that is safe & non-toxic. Our experienced & competent technicians ensure your experience with our cleaning service a 100% satisfaction guarantee.