CAS 68-11-1  Mercaptoacetic acid / Thioglycolic acid supplier in China ( [email protected] - RM10.00

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CAS 68-11-1  Mercaptoacetic acid / Thioglycolic acid supplier in China ( [email protected]

Mercaptoacetic acid China factory -Hebei Guanlang biotechnology Co,.LTD build our own Mercaptoacetic acid factory in China to produce the Mercaptoacetic acid  ,also called Thioglycolic acid
since 2005,we are the biggest Mercaptoacetic acid supplier in China , we have the new technology to produce the best quality Mercaptoacetic acid in China , based on our new technology and Excellent technical worker , we become the professional Mercaptoacetic acid supplier in China 

CAS 68-11-1  Mercaptoacetic acid / Thioglycolic acid Details :
»Chemical Name:Thioglycolic acid
other name : Mercaptoacetic acid
»CAS No.: 68-11-1
»Molecular Fomula: C2H4O2S
»Molecular weight:92.12
»Appearance:colorless to light yellow liquid

Mercaptoacetic acid  specification 
Item Specifications
Appearance colorless to light yellow liquid
TGA ≥80% ≥90% ≥99%
Fe ppm(mg/kg) ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5%
RELATIVE DENSITY 1.30-1.35 1.315-1.35 1.315-1.35

Mercaptoacetic acid Application :

Daily usage: It mainly used as raw material of Cold waving agent, widely used as curling agent and  also used for depilatory agent.
Pharmaceutical field: It is an intermediate for intermediate of cefivitril as well as used for production of carboprost, biotin, thiozinic acid, sodium dithiosuccinate, etc. it is also an important raw material for the synthesis of cysteine, hormonal agent, industrial disinfectant and sulfuric acid.
Oil field: It plays the role of corrosion inhibitor in oil field drilling.
Other fields: PVC low toxicity or non-toxic stabilizer, metal surface treatment agent and polymerization initiator, accelerator and chain transfer agent.

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