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 Cinnamaldehyde supplier CAS 104-55-2 ([email protected])
Factory Direct Cinnamaldehyde CAS 104-55-2
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Product information:
Cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamic Aldehyde 
CAS No.: 104-55-2/14371-10-9
FEMA No.: 2286
Formula: C9H8O
Assay: 99.0% min.
Appearance: light yellow liquid
Flavors & essence oils, pharmaceutical, corrosion inhibitor,Flavors and Fragrances,etc.
Cinnamaldehyde is a major and a bioactive compound isolated from the leaves of Cinnamomum osmophloeum kaneh. Cinnamaldehyde is a cytokine production inhibitor. Cinnamaldehyde has anti-bacteria, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammatory properties.
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