Cybex 625A Lower Body Arc Trainer - USD3,507.00

Date Posted: 11-12-2020 11:29 AM    Location: Singapore, Kay Poh Road, Johor    Posted by: Rudi Sagala    Views: 116 times
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The 625A Lower Body Arc Trainer from Cybex has an array of settings that can be customized to suit a variety of training needs for the lower body. Thanks to technology that builds your resistance and alternates your movement patterns, you can target and firm up muscle groups like your quads or even your butt. This is also a machine that won’t place extra strain on your knees or other joints, thanks to Reverse Arc Motion—only from Cybex.
Key Features

The 625A Lower Body Arc Trainer is a high-end commercial cross training workout machine that strengthens and conditions your lower body in a variety of ways.
Key features of the 625A Lower Body Arc include:

CardioTouch Display: Advanced screen technology allows you to instantly customize your workout without hassle, as well as let you see what muscles are being conditioned during your session.
Glide, Stride, and Climb Zones: This broadens your workout and allows you to train for three different incline zones. Set in low position for the Glide zone, medium position for Stride, and high position for the Climb zone.
Load Dependency: The cross trainer is designed to scale its resistance to your weight, to help you get the best training possible and burn more calories than you would otherwise.
Muscle Targeting: The machine’s unique range of incline (as seen above) and resistance settings allows you to target different muscle groups throughout your lower body.
Reverse Arc Motion: This patented advanced stride technology has your legs moving in their biomechanically correct pathways. This prevents injury and pain by reducing stress on the knees and other leg joints while still allowing flexibility and complete range of motion.
Workout Selections: Customize your training session by selecting from Quick Start, Manual, three Weight Loss, three Cardio, two Strength, and Heart Rate Control programs. Each program controls both resistance and machine incline, in addition to coming in 10 different levels.