Digital Flow Meters

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Sino-Inst's measurement product line includes a range of optical flow meters. Please contact our sales engineers if you have any questions. If you are sufficiently knowledgeable about the flowmeter. Then, depending on your measurement requirements, you can choose from a variety of automated flow meters.

1. Magnetic flowmeters are also referred to as electromagnetic flowmeters, mag flow meters, and magmeters. Appropriate for measuring conductive liquids.

2. Turbine flow meters are also known as impeller flow meters. Flowmeters are used to determine the instantaneous and cumulative flow rates of liquids and gases.

3. Vortex flow meter, alternatively referred to as a Vortex shedding flow meter. The Vortex Flow Meter is ideal for measuring the flow of steam, as well as other liquids and gases.

4. The vortex precession flowmeter is a novel type of gas flowmeter. It is capable of measuring natural gas, propane, air, nitrogen, and a variety of other gases.

5. The ultrasonic flow meter rapidly and accurately determines the rate of liquid flow. Ultrasonic flowmeter technology is classified into two types: Doppler frequency shift and transit time.

6. Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters work by calculating the time required for ultrasonic waves to travel through a pipeline. The ultrasonic gas flow meter is an excellent choice for measuring a variety of gases.

7. Differential Pressure Flow Meters (DP flow meters) are also known as differential pressure flow meters. Differential pressure flow meters calculate the flow of liquid, gas, and steam using the differential pressure principle.

8. As a mechanical flow meter, the volumetric flow meter is also known as a positive displacement flow meter. It is capable of measuring the volume flow of viscous and corrosive fluids.

9. A mass flow meter calculates the mass flow of the medium that passes through it directly. Additionally, it can determine the medium's density, temperature, and viscosity.

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