Factory Supply 100% Passing Europe Customs New Pmk Powder Glycidate - USD10.00

Date Posted: 07-01-2022 01:59 PM    Location: Berapit, Sabah    Posted by: Iris    Views: 50 times
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Our company is a manufacturer and exporter of piperonyl methyl ketone (PMK).

We have PMK Powder or called PMK-Glycidate in stock, easy to get PMK oil from this powder and no restriction on Customs clearance. Make your own PMK Oil with a conversive rate of 80%MIN.

Huge quantity now.

Appearance: Light yellow Powder

Storage: Store in a dry, ventilated place under normal temperature. Avoid direct sun exposure.

Come and reach me (Iris) via below contacts:
Wickr: irisbravo / apiprovider
Telegram: iris1110
Whatsapp: +86 13545907611
Email: [email protected]

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