How dare they cut Tua's Madden 22 rating?

Date Posted: 19-11-2021 01:25 PM    Location: sdgdfh, Johor    Posted by: MMOruki    Views: 32 times
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Madden 22 Tua Tagovailoa's Madden rating drops with latest Week 2 roster updates. Over the years I've witnessed many have been very upset over Madden ratings. This is the reason why every year, I do my very best to keep up-to-date with the latest Madden trends and roster changes from one week to the next.

I'm in a tizzy as we begin this season. I'm often feeling like I'm at the center of nowhere when it is time to write. (Yes, like in Super Mario 3.) As I was posting my Jaelan Phillips article on Twitter dot com yesterday afternoon, Aa good friend and other Dolphins fan sent me a link that instantly got my blood to boil.

Yesterday the news came to my awareness that Tua Tagovailoa had been stripped of her rating. As you would expect I felt a little awestruck as well as bamboozled and was hoodwinked. After the phenomenal performance at Gilette Stadium, how dare they cut Tua's Madden 22 rating?

(In the end, I just felt stupid because I usually know these things. I always have a tweet ready with fancy visuals that cause an uproar on Twitter. After all, no one would like their player's ratings to drop in a video game!)

It was strange that it would lower a player's Madden rating after a good performance in the face of one of the most formidable defensive teams in football. The goal is to reduce his perception, which is amazing behind the offensive line. Let's take a look at the most important changes to the Miami Dolphins roster after Madden's Week 2 roster update.

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