How to Use Saffron & How Saffron should be Stored ? - RM35.00

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How to Use Saffron & How Saffron should be Stored ?


Saffron is very Expensive & Hence may not be commonly used in every household. But a pinch of Saffron added to milk, Water or tea can be consumed to prevent Heart Diseases & keep Hypertension & Cholesterol in Check. Saffron is often added to Desserts & Food , However saffron must not be used in excess at one-time as it may have toxic effects.


Saffron must be protected from dampness & light to retain it's properties longer. Good Quality Saffron keeps well for up to 2-3 years but Poor quality Saffron deteriorates rapidly, so it's very important to Buy good Quality, Saffron will not spoil but it will lose increasingly more & more of it's Flavor ages.