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But also, your DK get the brutal set, so make sure to like and subscribe. If you've never seen these videos before.It is a fact that if you have a useful blessing over you currently in TBC as a blessing could be, if you want to bless of protection yourself, it would take away the blessing I have and, consequently, require rebuffing.

It's not the way it's supposed to work now, as certain blessings have been transferred to hands instead of blessing a protection is currently hand-protection that has the same effect, but it doesn't remove the blessing. We've got two of the most popular ones that will be used frequently which is hand of sacrifice more useful to tank use, but it places hands on the area that you'll be able to remember as transferring 30 percent damage to the caster it will last for 12 seconds or until the cast has been able to transfer 100percent of the health.

It was previously a blessing, a blessing of sacrifice. You could maintain 100% at any time, and utilize it to pick certain mechanics. However, there's now an option to have a hand on a 2 minute cooldown. The same as blessing of salvation is now gone, you've now got the hand of salvation or two minutes of cooldown. It places hands on the side of your raider, reducing their total threat by 2% each second.

Over the period of 10 seconds, you will reduce their danger by 20 percent. Also on fights where you'll need to have a large personal cooling down. Glyph of Salvation can be very beneficial in this situation because , when you cast a salvation over yourself, it reduces the amount of damage you take by 20%.

So not only can you utilize it now to reduce your own risk, you could also use it to get an additional cooldown for yourself, perhaps there are (2) points in a fight that are very close in need of a little of damage reduction, you can use divine protection on one to obtain your 50% reduction in damage and after that, a glyphed hand salvation on another to obtain the 20%.

However, if we look at the progression from talents to talents, we don't see significant, massive changes in the abilities from TBC to Wrath of the Lich King. There's a lot of movement, so we're going to focus on the aspects that move about or make changes that are minor to Lee if you was to take improve blessings of Mike for instance, which ordinarily in TBC is in the first level. It increases the strength of the attack by 20 percent when playing Wrath of the Lich King and increases attack power by 25%.

The only requirement is two points which isn't a huge modification that requires us to discuss it much. We're going to focus more on the brand new items or those that have been completely redesigned.

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