Jeunesse Is a Pyramid Scheme: A New Lawsuit Presses Charges

Date Posted: 12-01-2021 12:16 PM    Location: Malaysia, Malaysia, Perak    Posted by: Jeunesse Global    Views: 36 times
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In the California federal district court, a $1 billion class-action lawsuit was filed against, Jeunesse Global. This multi-level marketing company has been dragged to courts before, and this current case is third in the line that sheds light on Jeunesse illegal pyramid scheme, which this company has been running under the pretense of being an MLM. This lawsuit presses charges against 15 defendants who have been named as well as 100 other unknown defendants. According to this third lawsuit, the company has been running this pyramid scheme and in the process, Chinese American distributors were being harmed. One of the salient features of a pyramid scheme is a recruitment chain which this company has been running. This chain basically refers to a huge number of recruitments and further recruitments being done and the chain just keeps on going bigger ensnaring more people into it and the entire process revolves round investment. Among the charges the company is facing, violations of foreign law is definitely a prominent one.