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Cheapest Old School RS Gold from SMS to Get Enormous Benefits from RSorder

The mobile telephone is among the vital items for our daily life, and it's commonly utilized in many fields. However, do you know if you purchase old school RS money on RSorder, among those payment approaches would be covered by SMS? Well, if you are confused about pay by SMS payment, let RSorder show you the details.

When you placed an order on RSorder for the cheapest Old School RS gold or alternative goods, you finally have to select a payment system to complete your purchase. There are many types of payment manners on our site, and you can choose your favorite payment to satisfy your order, but in my estimation, paying by SMS is more appropriate for young players. Because you don't need a credit card or bank accounts, you just need your cellular phone to realize it.

How to use a cell phone to cover on RSorder?

First step: Pick RS Old School Gold or other products from RSorder and go to the checkout. Select 'pay by phone as the payment method.

Secondly: If you have an ONEBIP account then log in.

Third Step: You will be given a text message containing a 4 digit password for your designated telephone number.

Once you review your purchases, then click Buy Now.

Final step: You will get to the payment confirmation page along your order will be finished. We will then email you to confirm that your purchase has been successful.

Buy cheapest old-school RS gold to get advantages from RSorder

We've got a lot of promotions for our customers, and you'll be able to purchase the cheapest old-school RS gold to acquire advantages from us.

1. 5% Discount Code for RSorder Facebook Fans

If you buy old-school RS gold on our site, you can enjoy a 5% discount if your use the discount code TYFBFANS.

2. Should you subscribe RSorder newsletter, then you can receive two coupon codes from us to appreciate $1 or $5 money off on your whole purchase.

We really hope you can enjoy your spare time on RSorder, and thanks for your strong support!

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