Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid/ LABSA 96% CAS 85536-14-7 - RM10.00

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LABSA Density1.1±0.1 g/cm3

LABSA Boiling Point82ºC

LABSA Melting Point10ºC

LABSA Molecular FormulaC18H30O3S

LABSA Molecular Weight326.494

LABSA Flash Point85 °F

LABSA Exact Mass326.191559

LABSA PSA62.75000

LABSA LogP6.78

LABSA Appearance of CharactersViscous Liquid | Brown

LABSA Index of Refraction1.510

LABSA Water Solubilitywater, alcohols, glycol ethers, glycols, esters, ketones, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons: soluble

Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid (LABSA) is prepared commercially by sulfonating linear alkylbenzene (LAB). Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS), the world’s largest-volume synthetic surfactant, which includes the various salts of sulfonated alkylbenzenes, is widely used in household detergents as well as in numerous industrial applications. The LABSA market is driven by the markets for LAS, primarily household detergents. Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate was developed as a biodegradable replacement for nonlinear (branched) alkylbenzene sulfonate (BAS) and has largely replaced BAS in household detergents throughout the world.