Most popular xylazine HCL MTTA (Mephtetramine) xylazine prebalin;tetracaine;Paracetamol wickr:annachem - USD1.00

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Potent stimulant;cannabinoids;benzodiazepine;opioids available.Safe/fast delivery Door to Door !

Hot sell list (sales book):

Eutylone bkmdma Molly crystal Cas 802855-66-9
2fdck/3fdck/ketamine/K1/DCK Cas 111982-50-4
alpha-P A-PVP Flakka apihp mfphp mdpv 3fphp
MTTA (Mephtetramine) Cas 403860-66-2
4FADB (finished) Cas 849231-32-9

Benzodiazepine :
Pink Etizolam Cas 40054-69-1
Flubrotizolam Cas 57801-95-3
Flubromazolam Cas 612526-40-6
Bromazolam Cas 71368-80-4
Nitrazolam Cas 28910-99-8
flubromazepam Cas 2647-50-9
Flunitrazepam/ Rohypnol Cas 1622-62-4

Opioid Fent Analogue Benzimidazole :
Isotonitazene Cas 14188-81-9
Metonitazene Cas 14680-51-4
Protonitazene Cas 119276-1-6
Etonitazene Cas 911-65-9
Butonitazene Cas 95810-54-1

Marijuana kits:
5cladb/5Fmdmb2201 /ADBB/4FADB/5f ADB /Jwh018/k2
main ingredients and accessories
( plus steps and dosage to ensure cook successfully)
Semi-finished products require only light processing
main ingredients and accessories:
1)The main raw material after synthesis
2)potassium carbonate CAS 584-08-7
3)5-Bromo-1-pentene CAS 1119-51-3
4) DMF CAS 68-12-2

Pmk Ethyl Glycidate CAS 28578-16-7 (3,4-MDP-2-P intermediate)
PMK Methyl glycidate CAS 52190-28-0/13605-48-6
BMK Glycidic Acid CAS 5449-12-7/5413-05-8/10250-27-8/20320-59-6/718-08-1

GBL gamma-butyrolactone /1,4-Butanediol

Xylazine hcl
prebalin, lidocaine , procaine , Prilocaine
benzocaine base, tetracaine , tetracaine base.

Propofol/Rocuronium bromide/Vecuronium Bromide
Gabapentin/Tianeptine/Tianeptine Sodium/Tianeptine Sulfate
and so on

Welcome contact me for best price :
Welcome contact me for more details :
telegram/whatsapp/skype : +8616727197670
email : [email protected]
wickr : annachem
threema : R8BP36T8
AWS Wickr : [email protected]

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