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OK, I'm going to Mut 23 Coins be most uncouth and necro on this thread, however, only because the amount of time is relevant to the issue at hand. It's been more than a months after Madden NFL 23 was announced. To date there were no updates. EA Corporate nor Tiburon have addressed the game's final-gen PC version in any way.

In the forums, there has not been an official statement issued, only responses from a community manager. This can be summed as follows:

Repeating the "no next-gen for PC" point from the announcement.

The suggestion is that PC customers sign in for the month or so of EA Play Pro so we can buy a trial and decide if this last-gen version is worth purchasing at cost.

It's left the issue of FieldSense being the sole difference between the previous generation and the next in the air, as Tiburon still has more features to reveal prior to launch day.

I'm implying that Tiburon isn't going to give the answer they want, also.

On the media side, a google search for "madden 23 next-gen pc" unearthed exactly one outlet who actually inquired EA regarding the status of the PC ports, Sports Gamers Online. What they got was an reiteration of the "no next-gen version for PC" aspect of the press release as well as a vague "better luck the next time" that SGO didn't directly provide. [Disclosure: It doesn't look like SGO were invited to the preview event held at EA Tiburon's studio.]

It's a good moment to mention it's true that Madden NFL 22 available for PC had only 2 reviews from Metacritic and 46 on XSXS and PS5 in total? We're still on those tracks with a very few reporters asking the tough questions, for reviewers to keep EA accountable.

In the last article, PC players voting with their wallets only see the series cancelled, and not made better. When that happens, EA will have nobody to blame but themselves however, I am fully expecting them to blame PC gamers for they are a "lack of support and interest". In truth, I don't have any confidence in gaming media to challenge EA on that point, despite PC players' frequent pleas to stop delivering points upgrades to Madden NFL 19 year after year.

So, did EA announce at the start that they weren't going to answer questions or address issues regarding the PC version? And did they no-comment questions on the PC version or did anyone think to ask because none of you were PC gamers or were from PC-centric stores?

I'm not sure whether you've were aware of it, but it's the third consecutive year of the last-gen games on PC and despite all the talk from EA about taking feedback on forums and social media to the heart, we ended up crying in the darkness. I'm 100% certain that the influencers invited were strictly console gamers. It would have been nice to see any of the professional journalists in the room to speak for us, but, as voting using our money will force EA to stop the game, before they can improve it.
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