Online Bus Booking App - USD7,000.00

Date Posted: 21-04-2022 03:34 PM    Location: Ayer Baloi, Johor    Posted by: CW Ticketing System    Views: 105 times
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Online bus booking app is a vital part of travel businesses. It benefits both the agencies and the customers equally.
Travel agencies and bus operators can easily increase their ticket sales and earn loyal customers with the help of the ticketing app. They can also keep their booking open 24/7.
Bus operators can manage to book, cancel, create schedules, and so on in real-time.
Not only operators, but customers can also get major benefits from the bus ticketing app. They can book tickets from anywhere at any time. They can choose the seats of their preferences from the available seats in real-time and cancel their booking easily.
CW Ticketing System offers an online bus ticket reservation app that benefits both the agencies and the customers and provides them with an efficient app.