Original Story It's football season

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Original Story It's football season over and right on day, Madden NFL 21 adds the game to the EA Play vault. Members will gain access to the full game as part of their membership. This includes The Franchise mode as well as Ultimate Team The new arcade-inspired Yard. It will be available for download starting on the 2nd March.

Members will also get 10 % off any Ultimate Team purchases, and three free Gold Team Fantasy Packs per month. The overview of All EA Play Games on PS5, PS4 through the link, if you're unsure what this service is currently offering.

Although it's the sole football game currently on the game market today, we're thrilled with EA Sports' latest effort in our Madden NFL 21 review: "Madden NFL 21 is plagued by the same problems that it had with it's PS4 predecessor, since it's basically the exact same game. The presentation has made two steps in the right direction due to an increase in the performance of the hardware however it's still a good bit from the standards established by FIFA 21 in addition to NBA 2K21."

49ers RRB Raheem Mostert wants a speed upgrade with the help of Madden NFL 21

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