NESPRAY Fortified - Milk

NESPRAY Fortified - Milk
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For growth and development that shows Before you know it, your child will already be showing signs of growing into a young teen. From the age of 6, he will want to make his own choices and he will start developing a character. At this age, he needs a balanced intake of nutrients that will fortify his growth. That’s why Nestlé created NESRPAY Fortified, a full cream milk powder that provides him with all the most important nutrients. Together with other ingredients, a high level of Fortified Protein, Fortified Calcium, High Iron, Vitamin B1, B12 and C will give him enhanced nutrition for healthier overall growth. How NESRPAY Fortified gives your child growth that shows: * Fortified Protein is essential for growth and development * Fortified Calcium helps him get stronger bones and teeth * High Iron is a factor in red blood cell formation * Vitamin B1 is needed for the release of energy from carbohydrates * Vitamin B12 helps the release of energy from protein, fats and carbohydrate * Vitamin C enhances absorption of iron from non-meat sources Combined with your love and guidance, NESPRAY Fortified will give him the freedom and ability to venture ahead in life confidently; and seeing him grow healthily and happily will be a moment you will always savour.
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