Nestle Nestum - Breakfast Cereals

Nestle Nestum - Breakfast Cereals
Price Range: RM3.99 - RM5.99
NESTUM All Family Cereal was first introduced to Malaysian in the 1960s and is enjoyed by the young to old alike since then. It is a nutritious start for the day as it contains 8 vitamins and minerals. You can prepare it any way you want, as a drink or as a pap. Those who want to keep cholesterol at bay must try the NEW aromatic NESTUM Oats as it contains oats soluble fibre that helps to reduce cholesterol. In addition to its health platform NESTUM Oats also comes with great taste !
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ShopCarrefourTescoGiantThe Store
Price (RM)4.895.990.005.95
Date10/04/2009 - 22/04/200908/04/2010 - 21/04/2010 - 16/05/2009 - 28/05/2009
NotesOriginal / Honey / Chocolate

Price History / Other Shoppings

NoShopStart DateExpiry DateWeight/Size/UnitsPrice (RM)
1.Carrefour13/03/200925/03/2009Weight: 500g5.89
2.Carrefour14/11/200826/11/2008Weight: 350kg3.99
3.Carrefour14/11/200826/11/2008Weight: 500g5.69
4.Carrefour20/06/200809/07/2008Weight: 500g5.89
5.Carrefour02/05/200815/05/2008Weight: 350g, Units: 13.99
6.Carrefour18/04/200801/05/2008Weight: 500g, Units: 15.49


vivian, 23/04/2009 8:01PM

I bought a Nestum Cereal Original, can i feed it for my baby that is 8 and half months?

If no what age is it for?

Thanks vivian
cheapbuy, 23/04/2009 11:14PM
I think baby has their own cereal for this age. This Nestum don't have sufficient nutrient for baby and definitely not suitable for them.
ARIYANA, 05/04/2010 11:51PM
Where can I get Nestum Cereal(wheat,corn,maize)-through out the year..I need it badly for my little one(3yr old).First one I bought from the web shop,but not available right now.
Please help me out.Thanks in advance.US,MO