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Mi Sedaap Instant Noodles
Ayam Bawang / Ayam Istimewa / Soto Per pack of 5 x 70g / 66g / 75g
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Bihun Kampung Rice Vermicelli
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MAGGI 2-minute mee
Malaysia’s no 1 bag noodles and voted as best Performing brand by Readers Digest Readers Survey (2000 / 2001 / 2002). Good range of great tasting popular flavours Servings: Serves 1 Serv...
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Vit's Dried Noodles
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Mamee Premium Taste
Curry / Vegetarian / Duck 5 x 80g
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Maggi Tastylite Instant Noodles
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MAGGI Hot Cup Instant Noodles
Comes in an easy to hold cup, just pour boiling water into cup and soak for 3 minutes. 8 different flavours to choose from ( Tom Yam / Vegetable / Sup Tulang / Clear Soup / Chicken / Curry / Curry Chi...
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MAGGI Hot Bowl Instant Noodles
Instant soakable noodles complete with different flavour sachets and garnishings. Just soak in boiling water for 3 minutes and enjoy! Servings: Serves 1 Serving Suggestions: Add suggested garn...
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Mama Instant Noodles
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Ibumie Har Mee Goreng
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Maggi Minisnek
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Buitoni Pasta
Authentic Italian pasta made from the finest Durum wheat, just boil as per instruction on pack Servings: Refer to pack Serving Suggestions: Serve with multiple types of pasta sauces either fre...
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MAGGI Noodles Kari Letup
MAGGI Noodles Kari Letup is the familiar great tasting 2-minute curry flavour noodles but with a stronger curry and spicier taste. It also offers quality noodles cake with firmer bite in an attractiv...
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MAGGI Mi-Goreng Char Mee & Kicap Bawang
Here’s good news for Mi-Goreng fans! MAGGI Mi-Goreng now comes in two new exciting flavours: Chinese-style Char Mee and Indian Muslim-style Kicap Bawang. Whatever your taste, we’ve got ...
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