Udang Sederhana - Prawn

Udang Sederhana - Prawn
Price Range: RM1.59 - RM15.90
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Price Update

ShopCarrefourTescoGiantThe Store
Price (RM)15.8914.4915.9012.90
Date09/04/2010 - 22/04/201023/12/2010 - 05/01/201125/09/2009 - 27/09/200916/04/2009 - 30/04/2009

Price History / Other Shoppings

NoShopStart DateExpiry DateWeight/Size/UnitsPrice (RM)
1.Carrefour25/09/200925/09/2009Weight: 1kg8.99
2.Carrefour25/09/200925/09/2009Weight: 1kg12.99
3.Giant11/09/200913/09/2009Weight: 1kg15.90
4.Tesco03/09/200916/09/2009Weight: 1kg13.90
5.Carrefour15/08/200916/08/2009Weight: 1kg11.90
6.Carrefour17/07/200929/07/2009Weight: 1kg15.90
7.Carrefour22/05/200903/06/2009Weight: 1kg15.90
8.Carrefour08/05/200910/05/2009Weight: 1kg8.50
9.Carrefour01/05/200903/05/2009Weight: 1kg11.50
10.Carrefour10/04/200922/04/2009Weight: 1kg12.90
11.Carrefour13/03/200925/03/2009Weight: 1kg15.90
12.Tesco19/02/200904/03/2009Weight: 1kg12.90


nawar, 06/06/2009 3:11AM
At Tesco actually there're two types of udang sederhana which is differ in size. the smaller one is 'udang sederhana' while the other one is 'udang sederhana L'. the price stated above (RM12.90 per kg) is actually for the latter 'udang sederhana L', while the price for udang sederhana is only at RM 9.79 per kg. these price will be unchanged perhaps. tq