Sofa Cleaning - RM50.00

Date Posted: 10-02-2021 09:25 PM    Location: Puchong, Puchong, Selangor    Posted by: Harry    Views: 118 times
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UniqCare Cleaning offers professional on-site mobile service sofa steam cleaning and upholstery steam cleaning serving Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. Steam cleaning your sofa/ upholstery improves hygiene, appearance and extends lifespan. Steam cleaning removes stains, urine stains, sanitize to eliminate germs, bacteria and kills dust mites, cleaning process is less than 45 minutes and fast drying. Sofa or upholstery in fabric or leather such as sofa, dining chair, office chair collects dust, stains, germs, bacteria, allergens and dust mites from everyday use. Professional sofa/ upholstery cleaning helps to extend lifespan and prevent damage to your sofa or upholstery by removing stain, dirt, dust, and oils that, over time, can scratch and permanently damage the appearance of your valuable sofa or upholstery. Fabric cleaning: For fabric material we use steam extraction cleaning method with eco-friendly chemical solutions that breaks the residue of the stains and breaks the stain spots, watermarks and removes them completely and allergens. Leather cleaning: We offer complete leather cleaning and protection service. Our experienced technician first inspect the condition and begin with cleaning with removing the stain and marks from the surface of the leather to restore its condition. Then we apply professional leather wax protection coating, this enhaces the appearance and protects it from daily use and wear and tear.
Cleaning Process:

Step 1: First we apply safe chemical solutions to remove stains. We only use non-toxic, Natural, Pet Friendly and Eco Friendly Products.
Step 2: Manual hand brushing to remove spot stains.
Step 3: Using steam (hot water) extraction machine to clean all sides of the sofa – you could see the water in the machine extracted dark dirty water as it sucked up the dust, contaminants, dirt, germs and dust mites.
Benefits using our service:

On site cleaning
Steam extraction cleaning method
Fast drying times
Environmentally friendly & non-toxic solution safe on human skin
Kills germs, remove dust mites & allergens
Remove body skin flakes, stains & dusts