Supply 99% bmk oil bmk powder CAS 20320-59-6/103-79-7 - RM10.00

Date Posted: 31-08-2022 02:28 PM    Location: Wuhan, Johor    Posted by: Phoebe Chemical    Views: 179 times
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We the source manufacturer of some chemicals, like cas 20320-59-6,28578-16-7,5449-12-7...BMK ,PMK.
Our sales are very good ,mainly distributed in Europe and America, such as the United Kingdom, Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.
We can ship 300kg~1000kgs door to door with no customs problems, 100% safe is guaranteed. We can also customize the purity according to your requirement. Welcome to inquiry!
We guarantee your goods fast and safe delivery to your door ,no customs problem .

For Payment: TT/BTC/USDT and others .
For shipping :by air ,by road ,by sea, charter transport.
Delivery time:5-15 days .

WhatsApp: +8613163319327
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[email protected]

Door to door service!!! High level of privacy protection,High security!