They are the dunks that have it all in NBA 2K22

Date Posted: 09-11-2021 09:44 AM    Location: sdgsdg, Kelantan    Posted by: MMOruki    Views: 34 times
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Preseason is underway and the start of the 2022 season is only two weeks away. Certain superstars are working hard to get their last few hours on the court. Kevin Durant is one of the stars, as evident by his incredible win streak in the park last night.

Alongside a 2K content creator known as Josh Choc Humpries as well as 2K league player Stephen 'SlayIsland' Lay, KD and the team put up 50 straight victories in 2K22. KD verified the results, posted by Choc in a tweet in the wake of the night's wins which quickly went viral on Twitter. Choc is a 2K YouTube content creator who has more than 200k users.

In the wake of last night's crazy 50-game win streak, it's just the matter of time before Choc is likely to post the video for fans to watch on his channel. But, at the time of this article's publication the video has not yet been posted, leaving fans to only think about the excitement which surrounded that 50th game.

For Durant the goal is that he'll be able to continue his 50-game streak of wins when the NBA season rolls around. KD might be on his return to the NBA Finals with the Brooklyn Nets with a roster that is stacked top-to bottom with Blake Griffin, James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

Speed, style, efficacy and power are the main elements of a great dunk. They are the dunks that have it all in NBA 2K22. Everybody will be seeking something new when it comes to dunking in NBA 2K22. Certain players want to be simple and stick with what has the lowest chance of being blocked and the best chance of success is best. Some want jaw-dropping slams to get fans excited and ticket holders in the court onto the ground.

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