Trusted building painting company Vancouver

Date Posted: 26-08-2020 08:16 PM    Location: 120 – 1924 Triumph Street, Vancouver, WP Labuan    Posted by: Painter Harry    Views: 176 times
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One of the trusted building painting company in Vancouver is Vanguard Painting. Our painting and decorating team deliver not only top quality workmanship, but are also known for their trustworthiness and reliability. We have a reputation in the market for on-site safety, excellent communication and environmental care and project completion. We provide tailored interior and exterior painting and long-term building painting services to a wide range of industries, including government and education sectors, commercial facilities and heritage buildings. Our valued customers have discerned the importance of protecting their assets and improving the serviceable life and value of their properties and buildings. For more inquiries, contact us at 16047324223.

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