YETI SB130 C2 Bike - USD3,245.00

Date Posted: 02-09-2021 05:44 PM    Location: Singapore, Singapore, Johor    Posted by: Carlos Tan    Views: 143 times
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The Yeti SB130 C2 is a mid-travel trail bike that can do it all at a reasonable price. It is light enough to charge up climbs and hit high speeds but also has a capable suspension that can attack endurance terrain and descents. This is the bike riders want to take into uncharted territory. It feels at home through the unknown, even when the rider is unsure of what lies ahead. With some extra fork and wheel travel, a classic Yeti suspension, and a lively frame, this bike has a big mountain feel with short travel performance. The Yeti SB130 C2 is for the rider who wants to take on a huge range of trails with confidence.