Copywriting, Editing, Content Writing, Creative Writing, Translation, Proofreading

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Services Provided:

1. Copywriting & Editing
2. Company Profiles
3. Creative Writing
4. Taglines/Slogans
5. Press Releases
6. Proofreading
7. Translation
8. Newsletters
9. Advertorials/Editorials
10. Brochures/Flyers
11. Research Writing (Academic Writing)
12. Website Content Writing
13. Blogs & Social Media Content Writing

Mobile: +6010 8188 732 (Whatsapp available)

Word Philocaly is born out of a simple idea of the
love of the beauty for words. We strongly believe
that words are the most potent drugs known to
humankind and miracles happen when they get to
those who know how to use them. When content
writing is done right, it brings in more leads and
buzzes that inspire the audiences to reap the
rewards and share the content across multiple
channels. You see, impact, by words.

In this talent market that is growing more
grueling everyday, command of content is king and
its influence will define the success or failure
of the business. Persuasive and creative
copywriting holds down the fort and turbocharges
the marketing strategy by defining the brand
identity and curving out space in the ever
competitive market. Exceptional copywriting that
sells emotions will save you hours of sweating on
convincing the audiences with your outbound
marketing, by sinking its hooks into them.

Word Philocaly has a single mandate to grasp what
you want to achieve in content marketing to create
interest, desire, attention and action. We focus
on the intersection and curation between relevant
content and information to make complex subject
easy to understand. You need a copywriter who can
do more than just write well - before Word
Philocaly creates captivating copy that can
persuade the audiences, we will first understand
them and your brand to build up instant rapport.
On top of that, we hone your tone of voice and
keywords that are spot-on, the most surefire way
to get the right kind of attention and corporate
communication to engage your audiences and turn
them into customers.

Lets just say we know how to dive into details
and translate your solutions into words that your
audiences will be incredibly impressed, and make
sure they are always in sync with the value of
your offerings. Word Philocaly is trained to put
our best foot forward and we practice what we
preach. We strive for perfection with every copy
we bring to the table so that you dont have to
bother to jump through so many hoops. So yeah,
here is a taste of what we are and what we can do
for the sake of your sanity.

There you go, now you have a sounding board of our
content solution that makes seamless sense to give
your content marketing a big boost in dominating
prints and screens. Excellent copies can only
happen with great clients. We are fortunate to
have you to encourage us to do things like this
and give us a chance to show the impact that
effective copywriting makes.

If you would like us to function as an extension
of your team to scour your profile, to challenge
your opinion constructively with good suggestion
put forward, or you are simply curious if we are
real (hey, curiosity is a virtue), just come to us
and say hi. You know where to get us, with the
most useful numbers and weird alphabets provided
in this page.

We do provide portfolio and quotation, all you
have to do is to ask :)

(Disclaimer: We wont bite and we dont cost a
bomb, if you did get bitten, you might have called
the wrong numbers.)