EZN Shaking Pudding Hair Dye - RM50.90

Date Posted: 04-03-2021 04:03 PM    Location: Puchong, Puchong, Selangor    Posted by: Daniel Liew San Ee    Views: 114 times
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Now, easy and clear coloring is possible with this groundbreaking, innovative method! Color effortlessly with this hard-to-find pudding-like gel cream by Korean brand EZN that offers vivid coloring + sheen by delivering hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed keratin + hydrolyzed collagen to each strand, with no ammonia.

Why choose eZn Shaking Pudding?
1. After shake, the mixing contents change into pudding-like hairdye. It does not run down and is quickly absorbed into hair!
2. Use it with only 2 hands like waxing hair without combing! eZn Pudding Hair dye comes with ear cap, gown and gloves so there's no need to buy separately.
3. Vivid and deep dyeing effect that are long lasting. eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Dye has a variety selection of color that suits the taste.
4. Ammonia Free! Uses three natural oils and three natural herb extracts to maintain healthy hair after dyeing (containing oat extract of the amino acid formation that is similar to the hair).
5. Helps to maintain the dyed colour for a long time since OMC ingredient of the sun block protects the dyestuff that is adhered at the inside of the hair against the powerful ultraviolet rays.