Nestle Everyday - Milk

Nestle Everyday - Milk
Price Range: RM21.99 - RM21.99
Smart mothers all over Malaysia know that when it comes to ensuring their children's proper development, they can count on EVERYDAY. Formulated with essential nutrients and vitamins, EVERYDAY provides for the nutritional needs of little ones at the best possible value. * Protein ~ for the development of healthy muscle tissue * Magnesium ~ to assist in the body’s absorption of Calcium * Calcium ~ for strong bones and teeth * Vitamins B1 and B2 ~ to help the body convert carbohydrate into energy * Vitamin B12 ~ to help build red blood cells What’s more, delicious EVERYDAY isn’t just for children. Its creamy, nutritional goodness is enjoyed by everyone in the family. With better taste and better value, EVERYDAY is simply the smarter choice
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Price (RM)21.990.000.005.00
Date13/03/2009 - 25/03/2009 - - 22/03/2011 - 28/03/2011
NotesUnits: 300
I would like to try the smallest pouch first, how do I buy it?


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